Pam Leone


Trusted Advisor - Coach - Team Builder

Pam is a trusted strategic advisor who has coached, consulted with, collaborated with employees, leaders, and executives for 20 plus years across the nation. She has a proven track record of being an impactful leader and extremely effective communicator who partners with leaders across all industries to provide clarity of goals, meaning and purpose as well as creative problem solving for the purpose of bringing their roles and their organizations to the next level. As a Coach, she is dedicated to individuals and teams who want to be authentic and transformative in their world.

Pam holds a master’s degree in Leadership from Multnomah University. She is a Certified Professional Career Coach as well as an Authorized Everything DiSC Administrator & Behavioral Consultant. She also has her SHRM-cp credentials.

Slide Testimonials "I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Pam! She provided clarity in coaching me through a career transition and gave me the tools and support necessary to make strategic moves with confidence." Lee DiSanti
Content Director/Copywriter
Slide Testimonials “I worked with Pam Leone as my Associate Director in the organization of YoungLife. She and I headed up the section of YoungLife working with kids with intellectual and physical disabilities. While I was the Founder and Visionary, Pam was the Engine that made this go. She took my vision and created a detailed strategic plan to grow our work. Our work spread around the world and Pam was a major reason for this expansion. Her leadership abilities are extraordinary, as is her insightfulness and work ethic. She is a great team player who promotes others' success. She knows how to create strong support systems that help everyone succeed and reach the desired outcome. I heartily recommend Pam Leone to any venture.” Nick Palermo
Founder of Young Life Capernaum and Emmaus Inn Ministries
Slide Testimonials “I've had the pleasure of working with Pam at 2 different companies, and both times she has set the standard for hard work, dedication, and getting things done. Not only is she an exceptional leader and salesperson, she knows how to leverage her success on behalf of everyone around her. Pam's incredibly diverse and successful background has given her a huge network and wide range of experiences to draw from that I have personally benefited from on a number of occasions. Her sage advice has encouraged me many times and challenged me many more. I'm a better leader and a better man for having known her. Rarely in life do success, compassion, and wisdom exist in equal parts within just one person. Pam is an outstanding example of all three.” Mike Magura
Vice President Business Development
Slide Testimonials “Pam is particularly adept at working with colleagues across any experience level and functional role in an organization. That skill puts her a step ahead in managing virtual teams and delivering exactly what's needed and what will elicit the desired outcome from the C-suite down to the intern pool.” Mark Fissell
Senior Product & Business Strategy Executive Specialized in the B2B Media, Information Services and Events Industries
Slide Testimonials “I have known Pam for nearly 10 years. She is an exceptional professional who is careful to manage every detail of the client interface. She is always professional, supportive, and goes the extra mile to deliver results. If asked to describe Pam in three words, these would be innovative, strategic and results oriented.” Darryl Robinson
SEVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
Slide Testimonials “Pam is an amazing career and life coach. Having known her for almost ten years, she has made a significant impact on my development as a young professional. Her insights in the fields of Sales, Human Resources, and Executive Coaching have influenced the careers of many of my peers. Pam's coaching has made all the difference.” Ben Baca
Regional Sales Director
Slide Testimonials “I am recommending Pam Leone as a great Team Leader, and Mentor. I have known Pam since January 2019 as a manager, mentor, trainer, and friend. I have always known Pam to be honest, loyal, and hard-working; with a knack for inspiring others. Based on our experience together, I can confidently recommend Pam as a Coach and Mentor!” Anthony McGee
Data Analytics Manager
Slide Testimonials “Pam coached me in a very challenging career transition. I was very timid about seeking a new position since I had been in my previous job for almost 30 years. The owners sold the business and I decided this was a good time for me to make a move as well. I was not sure where to start. Plus, I had not interviewed for 30 years, nor did I have a resume. Pam helped me to gain the confidence to move out of my comfort zone through a series of sessions exploring my interests and remembering my accomplishments. I was able to network, interview and land 3 job offers because of spending time in coaching sessions with Pam. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change.” Peggy Schultz
AP, AR, Manager
Slide Testimonials “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pam for the past ten years. Pam is a highly effective program director with a strong business acumen and natural coaching ability. Pam is a great listener and proven leader who knows how to build effective teams that focus on key performance objectives. If I was in need of a coach to mentor a sales force, or improve the skills of a management team I would definitely turn to Pam.” Brad Perlstein